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Where is Thatch Caye Resort?

In Belize, a “caye” (pronounced key) is an island. There are different spellings, most commonly Caye or Cay. Thatch Caye, a natural island complex that forms a 12 acre marine park in the Cocoplum chain is just 9 miles from Dangriga in south-central Belize and only two miles from the second largest reef in the western world. Thatch Caye Resort is inside the northern boundary of the protected South Water Marine Reserve (Most maps show Cocoplum Caye). Dangriga, is the largest town in the Stann Creek District. It is 55 miles from Belize’s capital, Belmopan and 105 miles from Belize City.


Amenities and Services

Do you have TVs, phones or Wi-Fi in the rooms?

We have no TVs, phones or Wi-Fi in the rooms. We want you to get away from it all and relax as much as possible! If you really need to use the phone just ask a manager and you are more than welcome to use the office phone. There is a TV located in the CoCo lounge and if you have a special programming request just ask the bartender and we will gladly tune you in! Wi-Fi is also only available in the CoCo lounge if you need to get connected to the outside world!

What liquor is included in the local alcohol package offerings?

Local liquors include: Hyper Vodka, 1 Barrel Rum, 5 Barrel Rum, Crystal Light Rum, Extra Mature, Coconut Rum and Belizean Rum

Is there electricity at Thatch Caye Resort?

Yes. Our power is 110V with the same plug style as North America. We have generators but prefer to run the Caye from our deep cycle batteries, which store energy captured by solar panels and wind generators.  You can help us be power conscious by leaving your high demand appliances, such as hair dryers, at home.

Can you drink the water at Thatch Caye Resort?

This is a question many traveling to the Caribbean frequently ask. Our island is Eco-friendly and self-sustainable. All of our shower and sink water is rain water and desalination collection. It is perfectly safe to brush your teeth, shower and wash your hands with. There is a 5 gallon fresh drinking water container located in each room and always plenty of bottled water available in the CoCo Lounge. All of our toilets work by a salt water pressurized system. Water is our most precious resource on the island and should be used with care. Our water system is also very sensitive and if guests ever have a problem please notify staff or a manager and it will be fixed right away.

Is air conditioning available at Thatch Caye Resort?

Thatch Caye accommodations do include air-conditioning. All of our units also feature both wall and ceiling fans. 

How does tipping work?

All rates and any activity include a service charge. Tipping is customary in Belize and 10-15% is standard. As always, tipping is at your discretion. You can leave a cash tip or tip on your credit card during checkout.

Is there cellular service at Thatch Caye Resort?

Cellular service is generally available at Thatch Caye Resort, however, the signal can be inconsistent. We recommend speaking with your cellular service provider to set up an international plan so you don’t incur unnecessary charges. We have a house phone that you are welcome to use with the purchase of an international phone card. If you need to be connected, we recommend signing up for Skype and using our internet to call home if required.

Is there a telephone number I can give to my friends and family in case they need to reach me?

Yes, our local telephone number is +011-501-665-9609. You can also have your friends or family send an email to us at

Another option is to telephone our office at 1-800-435-3145. We will gladly relay any messages to you. Please use this number for Reservations.

Traveling to Thatch Caye

See Getting Here page for details.

On the Island

What is the difference between an overwater Bungalow and Premier overwater bungalow?

The biggest difference is the premier overwater bungalows offer more privacy and the overwater bungalows offer more space. The premier overwater bungalows are stand alone bungalows with private decks. The overwater bungalows share a large deck with sliding walls for privacy and a larger square footage.

Will I see a lot of bugs at Thatch Caye Resort?

Yes, though most are not a problem. Sand flies, or noseeums, are tiny creatures that bite like mosquitoes. When there is little or no breeze, they come out and can even get through screen. Mosquitos can also be found, though they are not as prominent of a problem on the island as they are on the mainland. We keep plenty of bug repellant in the CoCo Lounge for guest use and always send a bottle when we have a mainland tour.

What clothing do you suggest I bring to Thatch Caye Resort?

Belize is a very relaxed and informal country. Daytime on the island calls for shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, wraps, hats, and sandals. The evenings can be a touch cool, depending on the time of year, due to the sea breezes and days spent in the tropical sunlight. Light slacks and long sleeve shirts and blouses or a windbreaker would keep most visitors perfectly comfortable.

From November to February, Belize is subtropical and can get quite cool due to Belize’s geographical location and topography, so please bring proper clothing and do not expect completely tropical weather at all times from November to February. Although the Cayes of Belize get less rain than the mainland, we still recommend a rain slicker for the unexpected downpour.

The same type of clothing applies while on tours to the mainland but, we’d suggest a good set of hiking or walking shoes with socks in place of sandals. If you’re not going off the beaten path, then sandals are just fine.

What is the Reservations Policy at Thatch Caye Resort?

Thatch Caye Resort requires a 50% deposit at the time of confirmation. The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. Thatch Caye Resort accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Do you welcome families at Thatch Caye Resort?

Yes! We are open to anyone of any age the visit our beautiful island paradise! Just be sure to bring child safe sunscreen and bug repellant for them and keep a close eye on them near the water!

Does Thatch Caye Resort allow Pets?

We do not allow pets on the island. But if you miss your four legged friends at home we have a very sweet island dog, Dewey, to keep you company.

Traveling to Belize

What is the time zone in Belize?

Belize is on Central Standard Time. However, we do not have daylight savings. That means we have no time change in the summer months. During those months we are on Mountain Standard Time.

Do I need a passport to travel to Belize?

US Travelers: Passports are required for all travelers, including children. Passports must be valid for the intended length of stay. Visas are not required.  

If traveling from another country, please refer to your government for specific entry and exit requirements.

What is the monetary exchange in Belize?

The Belize dollar has a locked exchange rate of two Belize dollars to one US. dollar.  

Do I need to bring Belize currency?

No, US. dollars are accepted everywhere in Belize (US coins excluded). The majority of tourism facilities including hotels, restaurants and shops in populated areas accept credit cards. Street vendors and smaller establishments in remote areas may accept only cash. ATMs are easily found in most town and city centers.

Do I need any shots before traveling to Belize?

For information on travel and health requirements, please visit the Government of Belize website or talk to your local healthcare provider.

How can I pay my bill when I check out?

You can pay in Belize or US dollars (the island is not equipped to make small change) or by MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. We do not accept checks.