We're not your typical all-inclusive resort

If your perfect week is lounging on the beach, eating buffets, and spending lots of time in your lavish suite, we’re probably not the resort for you.

Thatch Caye Resort offers adventure and island fun in a barefoot casual environment. This is a special place offering incredible experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Our accommodations are breathtaking with a rustic Belizean feel, but only include the necessities, unlike your typical luxury hotel suite. You can find the TV, coffee and wifi in the Coco Lounge. We encourage community and wouldn’t be surprised if you leave with a few new friends. You’ll eat your meals together and be invited to join the daily adventures. It’s perfectly fine if you decide to just hang on the island, but we will be going snorkeling, diving, fishing, etc. every day. The island is limited to 30 guests at a time, so prepare for a vacation that few ever get the chance to experience. Welcome to your private island.


As an unBELIZEable Travel Partner, Thatch Caye Resort is part of the only one-stop travel shop in Belize.