Meet Bill Poston
Owner of Thatch Caye Resort

Bill’s first visit to Thatch Caye was on a sailing trip some years ago where he fell in love with the character and beauty of the people and the place. He loved the island so much that he bought it in January of 2015.

Since then, the Thatch Caye Resort family has worked tirelessly to create a comfortable place you can call home during your vacation. The team doesn’t aim to be fancy, but are warm and hospitable. The island is a barefoot casual kind of place where you can create your own adventure or sip fruity drinks in the natural swimming pool.

While Bill lives outside of a small town in central Texas, Belize has quickly become his second home and the team at Thatch Caye Resort his second family. He can’t seem to stay away from the island for too long without getting “homesick”.

When not hanging out on island, Bill is an entrepreneur, business advisor, investor, philanthropist, and educator.  He is the founder or principal owner of over fifteen companies and nonprofit enterprises.  Bill has served as a director on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards including the Texas State University Development Foundation and Alumni Association, Getaway2Give, Equity Estates, and Low Hanging Fruit.

He has taught, mentored, and guided the careers of hundreds of successful professionals as a business leader, coach, teacher, advisor, and friend. Bill’s businesses have been recognized with countless awards and accolades for their relentless focus on values, professional development and philanthropy.

Bill hopes you love your vacation at Thatch Caye Resort, or any of the resorts in the Muy’Ono portfolio and will return again and again.