Charity Program Partners


We are thrilled to announce the Travel Better charity program. Since 2018, Thatch Caye Resort has donated $5 BZD for every reservation, every night. If you are staying at Thatch Caye in the coming months, we invite you to take a look at the charities we will be working with and ask you to match our donations during your stay. 

2019 Partners

JANUARY: Haven house

FEBRUARY: Hopewell Children’s Home

MARCH: St Peter Claver rc school

APRIL: punta gorda methodist school

MAY: belmopan humane society

JUNE: the king’s children home

JULY: liberty children’s home

AUGUST: cornerstone foundation

SEPTEMBER: Cayo deaf education & farm institute

OCTOBER: Rhythm of change (ROC) Yoga Non-profit

NOVEMBER: gulisi community private school

DECEMBER: ontario christian school

2018 Partners

May: Belmopan Humane Society

Belmopan Humane Society organizes activities and services that promote responsible pet care.  It also reduces homeless pet population through affordable spay/neuter program.  They provide temporary shelter for animals in need.  They also have a facility that functions as a hurricane shelter for animals. BHS offers education about care and treatment of pets to the community. With your help, we raised $500 BZD for Belmopan Humane Society in the month of May.
Note: Dewey was rescued by the Belmopan Humane Society when he was a tiny pup.

June: The King's Children Home

The King's Children is a private organization that is dedicated to helping and providing residential care for children in difficult circumstances regardless of their social status , culture , race or religious belief. This is also our Pack for a Purpose partnered charity. See what they need you to pack for donations to them HERE!

JuLY: Liberty Children's Home

Liberty Children's Home cares for up to forty abandoned and abused children many of whom also have HIV/AIDS and and special needs.  Liberty works closely with Belize Human Services Department and strives to ensure successful placements with foster or adoptive families or reunification with a family member.

AUGUST: Cornerstone Foundation

Cornerstone Foundation helps children in difficult home environments to learn life skills and sustainability Cornerstone Foundation helps women in violent situations to seek solutions and empowers them with to use skills that enable them to achieve a degree of financial independence . They help families afraid of the unknown learn how to care for a loved one living with and often dying  from HIV/AIDS. With your help, we raised $2,010 BZD for Cornerstone Foundation in the month of August.

SEPTEMBER: Cayo Deaf Education and Farm Institute

Cayo Deaf School is a boarding school in the Cayo district for deaf children across Belize. The school also teaches farming skills as an after school activity. With your help, we raised $1,660 BZD for Cayo Deaf Educations in the month of September 

OCTOBER: Hope for Life - Pregnancy Help Center

A same place for women who are pregnant or who think that they are pregnant. To meet with women who care and will listen to their concerns without judgement. A place where women can receive true information regarding sexual choices regarding sexual choices , STDs, pregnancy and pregnancy related issues. A place where women can care for themselves and their infants and children. This is a place where women can meet with other women to break the cycles of poverty and dysfunctional families.A resource center where women can find out what help is available in other agencies. With your help, we raised $1,425 BZD for Hope for Life in the month of October. 

NOVEMBER: Gulisi Community Primary School

The Gulisi Primary School is very unique among other schools in Belize and the Caribbean in that it links the knowledge of the ancestors with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education through an intercultural trilingual education program - English , Spanish and Garifuna.  Gulisi Community Primary School enables the child to be rooted in the community while preparing him or her to take their place as a citizen of the world. In addition, the school has also played an active role in the promotion and preservation of the Garifuna culture. With your help, we raised $1,500 BZE for Gulisi Community School in the month of November. 

DECEMBER: Ontario Christian School

The school was one of the first endeavors of founding missionaries Rev. and Mrs Millhollon. Mrs Millhollon started the school on the church platform with one teacher assistant and a few children from the village. They named the school Ontario Christian School after the school the Millhollons founded in Ontario,  California. The fledgling school quickly outgrew the church building, and a two room building was constructed next to the church to accommodate the overflow of students. Today Ontario Christian School  has grown to twelve classrooms , including a pre-school and an enrollment of nearly 300 students. The school has become recognized as a standard  for educational excellence. With you help, we raised $2,281 BZD in the month of December for Ontario Christian School