Love is...

Love is…

  1. Sharing a hammock rocking in a tropical breeze
  2. Drinking milk out of a coconut with two straws
  3. Circumnavigating an island in a tandem kayak
  4. Catching a lobster dinner for your partner 
  5. A candlelit dinner in the mangroves
  6. Letting the ocean do the talking
  7. Rubbing suntan lotion on your partner’s back
  8. A couple’s massage on the sunset dock
  9. Zipping up your partner’s wet suit
  10. Showering together to conserve water (it’s a finite resource on an island)

And sometimes…love is sandy.

We think one of the most important ingredients of healthy relationships is creating new experiences together. And we’ve got them by the hundreds on the island. Check the calendar, grab your mate and come on out for a visit. Happy Valentine’s Day!