Your Belize Summer Vacation: Why Stay at Thatch Caye

Have you ever gotten into a conversation about hotel preferences? The debate can get hairy. Staff, cleanliness, amenities and ambience all factor into personal choices, but when a hotel proves its mettle to a traveler, loyalty kicks in and critics don’t stand a chance of deterring future bookings! Of course, finding that perfect place can be like a dart game–unless you’ve insights into highly-rated properties.

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Why Thatch Caye Resort:

Travel writers and frequent guests have been known to brag about this resort after returning home by telling anyone willing to listen about this resort’s unusual “over the water” bungalows that make for a one-of-a-kind sleeping experience. If the heights or the idea of sleeping in a thatch-roof bungalow suspended over water disturbs you, you can book a spacious island cabana with a private roof-top deck.

Thatch Caye Resort is quite private, yet close to civilization so you can indulge in fine dining, hang out at a bar or stroll shops. Water sports? Name your favorite. Resort staff will book as many as your energy, money and time allow. Thatch Caye also offers all of their non-motarized water sport equipment at no charge for guests who book a package!