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Check One Off Your Bucket List
Your Belize Summer Vacation: Why Stay at Thatch Caye

Summer vacation is here! Where will you visit?

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How To Sound Like A Local

4 commonly mispronounced Belizean words

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Top 10 Reasons Belize is Best for Honeymoons

Belize is one-of-a-kind. It’s the perfect solution for those newlyweds who can’t decide between an adventurous honeymoon and a relaxing honeymoon. 

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10 Reasons to Visit Thatch Caye

If you find beach resorts too crowded and need a respite from chattering heads, sand-kicking kids and vast expanses of humanity, a private island located just nine miles off south-central Belize should suit your fancy.

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Taking My Time

I remember trying to match my father's gait as we walked places together when I was a kid. He had a quick pace and recalled his mother did as well. I'd be lying if I said there haven't been times in my adult life when I was proud of myself for walking slightly faster than most people around me...

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There's a Fire in the Sky

For a few moments, it seems like the entire day might turn out to be gray. Water hangs on to the shadows just a little longer; it still smells dark outside and the pelicans haven’t yet left their roosts...

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